Just wondering – is engagement possible in command & control companies

A couple of projects I am on has me wondering about a few things….

Can a company fully structured in a culture of command and control shift to a culture of flexibility, dispersed leadership and engagement?

When an organizations hierarchy has so restricted decision-making and true accountability can individuals emerge as leaders?

Is employee engagement possible without a clear vision of the future?

Any thoughts?

  1. Hi, Ken.

    You probably already know what I think. But anyway .. a company’s leadership must, in today’s world, engage the ‘rank and file’ in the co-creation of a realistic vision that the majority of employees can share and with which they can actually get involved. Hard work .. for everybody involved.

  2. Author
    kenmilloy 8 years ago

    Hey Jon….what I do know is that your thinking is generally better than most others…and in this case, yes I think you are correct about the rank and file and co-creation….

    But does that mean that a workforce without such a co-created vision can not become engaged?

    I think it can…but only with the entire leadership team working tirelessly to make the vision they have fully relevant and individually meaningful to each employee…does that make sense?

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