Communications….pondering why we are so bad at it

Pondering life the day before I got to play St Andrews

I’m a member of the Communication Professionals group on LinkedIn and saw an interesting question posted by David  Grossman. David asked: With so much written about communications and its importance, why are we so bad it?   I posted some thoughts and liked what I wrote so left it there and am duplicating it here with credit to David for those of you not in the group or on linkedIn

3 Reasons come to mind…

1. Because for years the those of us in the “profession”  focussed on what it put out instead of what it brought in…And it is a part of the culture now (the culture of how we act and the culture of what others expect)  We do output.

2. Because for EVER we have focussed on “communicating with audiences” (hmmm…one could consider that phrase an oxymoron in itself) rather than “communicating with participants“.  Unfortunately we still do.  Best make the shift quick.

3. The rules change every day and throughout the day as well…And as I was reminded so clearly on Sunday night with 3 generations (and maybe four – 13 stands on its own I think) over for dinner: each and everyone of us communicates in ways so foreign to others we interact with that finding a happy medium (nice pun – I`ll leave it in) within groups is more difficult than hitting a golf ball where you want it to go..My teenage grandson wanted to connect to the internet on my secure network so I told him to use my computer in the back room…he sat in front of it and said `wow, I haven`t seen one of these in years`. 

Just imagine where the profession needs to get to over the next 20 years…whew

David – thanks for the question…I`m going to take this and post it to my blog latter..if it is of value please use it and I`m looking forward to reading your blog…cheers, Ken

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