Engagement in 5 minutes or less!

“What is your favourite “one to five-minute engagement activity that any manager could do?”  (If we get enough responses over the next 3 weeks or so I ‘ll pull them together as an e-book)

To get us started….her’s one of my favourites:

Planned Spontaneity: As you walk, ride or drive to work,  think about one person on your team or in your department.  Think about something you know about them…and then think about what you don’t know but would be interested in learning.  Consider a few questions you could ask that would lead the conversation from what you do know to what you would like to learn.

During the day keep the person in mind and when an appropriate opportunity arrises, simply wander over and start the conversation.

And that’s about it…except to remember to do the same thing every day with a different employee…you will be able to circle through everyone on your team in a matter of days and then can begin again.  Of course, you can speed this up by talking to two or three people each day or every couple of days…what ever works…

Looking forward to reading your ideas…


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