Facebook, LinkedIn and Beyond: Is Social Media at the core of your Internal Communication?

I’m always on the watch for developments in the world of Facebook and LinkedIn as I have come to believe that it won’t belong until a hybrid of the two will serve as the organizational structure of the future. And that may well have become one big step closer to reality for those not yet headed down the path:

AMONG online networking sites, LinkedIn stands out as the specialized one — it’s for professional connections and for the process of Social Selling (interacting with potential clients through social media) to take place.

That distinction has given it staying power as Facebook’s predecessors have dropped away and as Facebook has grown to dwarf other sites. By keeping professional identity pristinely separate from the personal and the messy, LinkedIn, which is now publicly traded, has grown to more than 135 million members in 200 countries.

But challengers have arrived, in the form of apps. Rather than starting from scratch, independent software developers are trying to add a professional layer to Facebook — and are hoping that users will accept a less-than-complete separation of the professional and the personal.

“LinkedIn likes to say, ‘Facebook is for fun and LinkedIn is for professional purposes.’ What I like to argue is that’s no longer correct,” says Rick Marini, the chief executive of BranchOut, a start-up that offers a Facebook app for job-related networking.

via BranchOut and BeKnown Vie for LinkedIn’s Reach – NYTimes.com.

Continued developments in, combined with the virtual non-stop arrival of, new social media tools and apps are significantly changing the world of work as we have come to know it. It is becoming apparent that one of the main aspects apps and software focus on is being able to grow their clients and customers. This is essential for every company, as the clients are the ones that help support any business financially. Through the use of tools like UCaas, companies are able to have more of a choice as to how they choose to communicate. From Online meetings, Team collaboration to Emails, there will be no excuses on how a company can grow their client base. Technology is playing a major part in every industry and it is no surprise. If you would like to learn more about harnessing the potential of LinkedIn as a sales tool, you might want to reach out to a linkedin lead generation service for advice and technical support.

Consider that almost everyone in your company is somehow “connected” through desk tops, laptops, tablets and their phones (I guess we really shouldn’t call them phones any more should we!). Consider also that employees are now entering the workforce with expectations of being able to connect (to both the company mission and all other employees working there), to collaborate, to contribute and to both share learnings and learn from others – quickly!

And that presents significant need for every internal communication leader out there to have a plan to get on board with embedding social tools into (as the face of!) internal communication strategies and tactics. And, I might argue, if they don’t have that plan already active they had best get going….change happens faster now than ever and I’m not certain that “time is on our side” as a former boss used to like to say.

I am leading a webcast on bringing internal communications into the new world of work next week (January 17)…registration is free and the event promises to be both stimulating and highly interactive. For more information and registration, please visit: ThoughtLeadersLIve.

Until next time….onward with a smile! Ken


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