Managers and Employee Engagement: 4 Critical Conversations

Four Critical Conversations that Maximize Employee Engagement & Performance

The role of managers and supervisors in the employee engagement process is vital. This is something we all know. Recently, a client asked me to outline some of the key conversations that need to occur between managers and supervisors and their teams. The initial list was huge but I was able to combine some ideas and eliminate others to come up with the four critical conversations I believe need to take place.

Conversation One: What do you care about?

Managers and supervisors must develop an understanding of what the employee really cares about in terms of their job, work environment and life outside of the workplace. The more insight you have around these areas, the easier it is to provide appropriate assignments, support and follow up, which leads to increased engagement.

Conversation Two: How do you want to grow and develop?

Understanding the goals and interests of team members in as much detail as possible provides managers and supervisors with significant engagement leverage. Learning about a team member’s short and long term growth and development interests will position you to have a substantial impact on the individual’s performance and level of engagement.

Conversation Three: What type of recognition works for you?

The ways employees like to be recognized for their achievements and in what setting can differ widely. Preferences for recognition can range from verbal praise and time off to opportunities to work on special assignments. The setting can be private, public or another setting that is meaningful to the individual. Delving into this conversation and linking what you learn to the insight you’ve gained from the other conversations will have a powerful long term impact.

Conversation Four: What are your key performance goals?

The last critical conversation examines and ultimately establishes the employee’s work-related performance goals. The important thing for this conversation is ensuring the manager and supervisor focuses the conversation on strategic imperatives while allowing the employee to outline the goals. There are two parts to this conversation as follow-up conversations to track and discuss progress are needed.

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