Need to be sure your message is understood?…..try using the 4P’s

When it comes to communicating with employees….the status quo just won’t cut it! Can you afford that?

Using the Four Ps to Effectively Communicate with Staff

Communicating about change or decisions made can sometimes feel like the most difficult task for a manager or leader. It can seem like no matter what we say or do, the different needs of our staff leave us struggling to get through to them. Our challenge is to identify ways we can consistently communicate in a manner that helps our staff understand what’s going on and the role they will play.

The Four Ps framework offers you a very powerful way of organizing and sharing the information you need to communicate.

The Four Ps of Internal Communication

The Four Ps of internal communication provide a simple method of structuring information to ensure staff get the whole picture about what is changing or happening. Based on the idea that creating change requires both context and behavioural understanding, the Four Ps offer a simplified framework for sharing information and connecting it to individual employees.

  • The first P relates to the Big Picture
  • The second to Purpose
  • The third to Plan and
  • The fourth to expectations or the Part they will play

Let the Four Ps Make Your Job Easier

The Four Ps framework offers significant guidance to those communicating about change or the decisions that have been made while also helping employees act in ways that are consistent with the direction the company is headed. Simply take a few minutes to develop a few bullet points for each of the Ps and then speak to each of the areas. The results will astound you.

The graphic below will help you gain a stronger understanding of the Four Ps.


The Four Ps: A Framework for Effectively Communicating with Staff

The BIG PICTUREExplore the current context with 3 or 4 high level bullets The PURPOSEWhat is the high level purpose or intent of the changes being made or actions being taken relative to the Big Picture?
The PLANExplain what is planned given the Purpose of the change or actions. My PARTOutline all the roles (Part) you will play in realizing the plan (for them)andOutline the role (Part) you expect them to play in realizing the plan

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