Occupy Wall Street protests spread – “Command & Control” Cultures Take Note

Over the past year we watched from afar as dictator after dick fell in response to mass movements of citizens,  united through the wonderous world of technology in the form of  Facebook, Twitter and all the other usual suspects.  How many of us watched the footage in hi-def and thought:

Wow! They are going to pull this off…How cool is that!

I certainly did.  And so did everyone I ever spoke to about what was happening in Libya.

And now on our own streets…well now…that’s a bit different isn’t it.

Regardless, it got me thinking  ….what does this say about the command and control of your companies command and control culture….hmmmm.  Uh-oh – rethink needed!

Occupy Wall Street protests spreading to Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver and other cities across Canada.


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