Re-engaging with Engagement – New EIU / Hay Report Offers Valuable C-Suite Insight

A new report from The Economist Intelligence Unit and The Hay Group – Re-engaging with Engagement – offers some extremely insight into the world of engagement from the perspective of the C-Suite.

This short summary may well be this quote from the report:

A sizeable discrepancy exists between what companies say about the perils of disengagement and how far they will actually go to confront the problem.

Undertaken in Europe, the report cites these, among a few other, key findings:

The C-suite displays a consistently “rose-tinted” view of engagement that is not shared lower down the ranks.

Importantly, the survey points to a huge disparity between the views of many in the C-suite and those of less senior directors.. For example…more than one in five in the C-suite believe that employees are “much more engaged” than those in rival firms, compared with only 7% of respondents below them.

A significant mismatch exists between words and deeds on engagement.

Inconsistencies in the findings suggest that what gets said and what actually happens are rather far apart. For example, 84% of survey respondents say that “disengaged employees” are one of the three biggest threats facing their business – yet it appears that little is done to identify, support or even “weed out” unengaged staff. For example, only 12% of respondents reported that their companies “regularly and often” tackle staff with “continually low engagement”.

Middle managers are not deemed responsible for employee engagement.

An incredibly low 13% of C-suite executives believe that line managers and middle managers are “chiefly responsible” for staff engagement, begging the question “ If they are not considered responsible no matter how good or bad they are, why should they try?” In comparison, two in five of those not in the C-suite believe the “motivational ability of one’s line manager” to be a considerable contributor to employee motivation.

 Have a read through – it is fascinating and while based on European organizations, is fully consistent with my experience with clients on this side of the pond.

How does the C-Suite in your company compare?


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