Stupid Things Managers Say and Do – A group e-book in the making!

Ken Milloy waves the flag of surrender to the elements at Cruden Bay Golf Links in Scotland.

I’ve told the story of the manager I had who introduced me to the experience of disengagement with 6 simple words: “I didn’t hire you to think!”  While it is a great story, it’s too long to retell here but so those who don’t know it get the drift, the short version goes: October 1977; I meet with the boss to share a well thought out business plan; his response… noted above.

Fast Forward to a few days ago. I was having a conversation with a manager as part of an analysis I am doing for a client here in Vancouver.  As we moved through our conversation I asked him about his team and their relationship.  What he said astounded me…

“I think we have a great team…they know where they stand and the work gets done… and that’s the way I like it” he told me. 

So I pressed on by asking him to explain what he meant by them knowing where they stood.

And this is what he told me:

“These people here are overhead and if we could cut the jobs by finding a more efficient way of doing the work we would.  I remind them of that on a regular basis.  Keeps them focussed.”

Whew….and these two stories got me wondering if any others would be interested in sharing their stories….if so, please do.  I’ll collect them, package them up as an e-book and publish them with full credit to all who submit….a little fun and a good deal of learning I’m sure.


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