The office of tomorrow – Social Media, Technology and Changes in our Workplace

Came across an interesting piece on the “office of tomorrow” from The article looks at 10 technologies that will shape the office, including:

  1. Smart Glass – morphs from solar panel to multi-media screen.  How cool will that be!
  2. Rollable glass
  3. Office matchmaker – Quora meets Foursquare!
  4. When big brother is your boss.
  5. Talking with your hands – a flick of the wrist with game-like technology enables rapid navigation
  6. Instant Manufacturing – desk top 3-D printers – affordable as well!
  7. Cafeteria culture – apps for menus and ordering from the desk
  8. Sub-titled calls – instant language translation (hope they include an app for communication with my kids)
  9. Hologram tables – right out of CSI and NCIS!
  10. A new kind of team building.

The last of the changes discussed (a new form of team building) really caught my attention as I think it  captures well the fundamental shift to the new world of work:

For the past 100 years business leaders have been trained to manage teams that are similar intellectually but widely disparate psychologically — a group of engineers, say, whose members might be disciplined, introverted, anxious, cooperative, or any of a million combinations. That structure worked fine when business models lasted decades. In tomorrow’s world the leader’s job will be reversed. As companies revamp business models continually, the only teams that can do the job fast enough will have members who are highly diverse intellectually; the engineers, marketers, and designers will meet in the same room. And because the challenges the world throws at them will change rapidly and unpredictably, team members will have to share certain psychological traits, especially flexibility, adaptability, and resilience. Effective leadership will demand a new set of skills built around choosing team members, tuning the culture, and integrating radically different types of expertise.

via Brave new work: The office of tomorrow – A new kind of teambuilding (11) – CNNMoney.


What do you think about these technologies and changes?  Have you started down a path towards the team model outlined o something close? Do you think you will sooner?….or later?

Until next time…onwards with a smile!


ps: I will be leading a webcast and conversation on brining internal communications into the new world of work on Tuesday January 17 in partnership with ThoughtLeadersLIVE.  Details and free registration available here.

pss: I have also set up a network for people interested in exploring, sharing, discussing and using social media inside organizations – its brand new and therefore possibly lonely if I am the only member….to get involved, please visit the Internal Communications and Social Media Network (icsmXchange) site and join up today!  Ken


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