What do Santa Claus, The New World of Work and Christmas Wishes have to do with each other?

Well, here we are just days away from Christmas and the time has come for me to write a final post until after Christmas, perhaps a few days longer.  I had planned on writing a piece on building a community inside your company through storytelling.  That’s going to wait for another day.

I’ve decided instead to do what I sometimes feel I do best when so much is rattling around in my head.  I’m going to ramble a bit, but with a message of thanks, holiday joy and future sharing and exploring.  I‘ll give it a quick scan and fix-up and hit the publish button.  If a typo or two sneaks in, please accept my apologies, but know also its part of the new world of work.

I also thought I’d share my letter to Santa with you.

My plan is to go into hiding for a few days to do my quarterly brain dump / data spewing exercise.   I will write, doodle, draw and sort through my collection of never loose links, notebooks and all else that seems to cover my desk and fill my mind.  Anything and everything that somehow relates to the new world of work and what that means for leaders, managers, supervisors, communications and employee engagement. Captured!

I remember reading somewhere that Bill Gates did this regularly. Pack up, head off to a quiet, comfortable hide away and download his mind and experiences.  I started doing it every quarter about three days after I read about Gates’ practice…the idea appealed to me big time and looking back it may well be the best piece of advice I every absorbed.  A gift of the highest order!

When lunch rolls around Friday, I’m checking out and turning my attention to Christmas.

For me that will be time spent with my kids, getting over to see my grandkids, drinks and bold conversations with pals, and reconnecting with an awesome friend who for too long its been.   It will, I hope involve a day out on the course playing 18 holes with the regular gang.  It will be the smiles and looks of joy that everyone you run into, regardless of age, race and religion seems to ooze this time of year.  I love the Christmas season and plan on just enjoying all it has to offer.

I also think Santa is magical.

Its too bad not every child gets to experience that magic.

Dear Santa

I have been a good boy this year.  I know I have grown a great deal.  And I learned a lot.  I also helped many people in many different ways.  And, maybe most importantly, many others have in some way helped me.  I met so many new people through twitter and my blog and their blogs. That is way cool Santa!  Do you use twitter?

I have a special request for Christmas this year.

First, I would appreciate it if you could leave a note in the homes of every one you visit wishing them my very best throughout the holiday season.  Also, please ask them, if they can to help out in someway to bring a little bit that magic to others who otherwise may miss out.  And thank them please for being a part of my life in whatever way, large or small, real or virtual (is there a difference?).

Secondly, when you get to my house will you leave me a list of what you think the five myths of communicating with employees in the digital world that need to be squashed?  You are the CEO of what must be the most engaged workforces on earth.  And your performance each year blows away the competition. I’m betting you have some very good thoughts and insights on the new world of work.  And cant wait to hear them.

To save you time I created a page on my blog.  You can add your ideas using your new IPad tablet while flying around the world – you wont even need to stop in here at all.

Oh, if its not too much more to ask (I have been good remember!), well…you have a lot of contacts…can you maybe ask them to participate as well.  You see Santa I think this stuff is really important and I would like to get a huge conversation going and maybe even a group e-book on the topic.  We could share that with everyone who contributed and anyone else that has an interest.  Maybe we could charge a buck or two for a copy and hand over every penny we get for it to a charity.  Let’s talk about that later.

Thank you Santa for being you – one of the coolest dudes I know.  Please say hi to all of the reindeer, elves and of course Mrs. Claus.

Merry Christmas and onward, as always with a great big smile,


PS: treats for you and the reindeer team are available as always

To each of you I extend a simple wish:  have a very Merry Christmas in whatever way that means for you.  I look forward to getting back together soon.


PS: …to answer the question asked in the title…nothing more than an attempt to get people to visit and read the post.  I’ll let you know if it worked when I return.

PSS: Please visit The New World of Work Page on my site and let me know what you see as barriers and myths inhibiting effectiveness.  The Page is a start…the intent is to grow it over time.  Thanks, K.


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